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July 27th, 2016

This is something you won't often hear about me, but... "I...Am...Speechless" ;)

The emotions I am feeling right now, can't quite be fully conveyed in the confines of this notice. If we were face to face in real life, you would see my smiling eyes blurred with tear-smudged mascara, a red snuffly nose, and the gloss of residual happy-tears still filling my eyes with joy, amazement, and gratitude. So please indulge me for a moment as I imagine reaching to take your right hand, and holding it with both of mine, my eyes locked directly into yours... as I try to communicate the words "Thank you" in the most heartfelt, sincere way one can possibly do, within the constraints, yet endless boundaries of this virtual world that we dwell in. I would then have the urge to follow-up with a good ol' genuine bear-hug (I'm a hugger), and a whisper of "Thank you from 'ALL' of us" as I did.

If you are wondering what the heck I am blabbering about, a few days ago, I reluctantly put out a silent cry for help in the form of a hover text alert over our donation boards. Anyone who knows me well, knows how I loathe hover text, so you knew this must have been serious... either that, or I'm softening ;) Region Tiers were closely approaching, while donations and sales were at an all time low, as it has been over the past few months (most likely due to the usual summer slow down in SL). Something had to be done. So... in my desperate moment, and out of time or ability to make new things to sell fast enough, I caved-in to the hover text call for donations. It was quiet, with no announcement to anyone. We've been on this road before over the years, just not as catastrophic as this was about to be. I was truly hoping a miracle might happen, and boy did one happen! \o/

Wednesday morning, a little birdie named Jayden Firehawk saw hover text over the donation kiosk, while giving her class and decided to let the world know the looming situation in the morning group chat. That's when the amazing people that you are, came out of the virtual woodwork and made that miracle we so desperately needed, happen.

I'm a very shy person, even though I may not seem like it, I literally have to force myself to be more extroverted in order to deal with running a business, I get sick to my stomach and butterflies every time I have to confront anyone, much less ask for... money *gasps* Top that, with being too prideful for my own good, I know it gets in the way of ever asking for help... especially when I need it. I know I need to get over this, and am trying very hard to. But thank God for others who are not so shy to ask ;)

In the history of the Builders Brewery, we have never once sent a notice out to members, asking for help with donations for tier. EVER. It's something we have worked very hard to avoid... Even though many times we are short on funds, we cover it out of pocket and move forward. The need to help those who want to better themselves and their lives either for profit or for personal therapy, is far too important at this point. The shear number of lives this school has changed for the better, and continues to touch well into their future, makes the mission of this "always free" school and community of helpers, far too special to ever let it slip away into the binaries.

You have all played a role in this, especially all of you who stop by every month to donate toward this worth-while journey, not only for this school, but for literally tens of thousands of students over the years it has taught, and hopefully, far into the future.

With a humbled "thank you" and our warmest regards,


Sensuous Maximus, Builders Brewery Owner
Supremius Maximus, Builders Brewery Owner

and Especially from Everyone at Builders Brewery






Established in early 2008, the Builder’s Brewery is an all-volunteer, not-for-profit free school, help group, and creative resource. A rather strange name for a school perhaps, but that’s just a hint of what makes this thriving, creative, education-based community so much fun.

We are proud to be THE largest, and one of he most active and respected educational resources on the Second Life grid, if not in all virtual worlds for that matter. From our highly acclaimed school with free classes, to our fun and helpful ”Builders Brewery” group, a two-time winner of the coveted Avi Choice Award for “Second Life’s Favorite Group”

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