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Established in 2008, the Builders Brewery is proudly recognized as one of the busiest and most loved premier schools for content creators in a Virtual World.  The Builders Brewery hosts well over 50 free classes every week, each taught by some of the most respected and celebrated professionals in Virtual Worlds.

In addition to our very active school and many popular events, we run one of the largest and most active content creator's help groups on the grid, the "Builders Brewery" group.



The Brewery is currently primarily funded by its founders, Supremius and Sensuous Maximus, and the Brewery has grown to be more than they expected or personally hoped for.  The Brewery relies heavily on purchases made inside the Brewery shop, custom services and generous donations given directly to the Builders Brewery, in order to sustain the two Sims required to provide for it’s heavy schedule and services.

It is often asked if instructor's share their tips with the Brewery. We are proud to say, that our wonderful Instructors keep 100% of their tips received in their own tip jars. If you wish to tip the Builders Brewery too, you can do so using any of our donation kiosks.

Products within the Brewery shop includes our highly acclaimed textures, (known for having some of the highest quality stained glass in SL), as well as full perm sculpts, scripts, decor, building tools, and an impressive tutorial section all written by Second Life's most respected creators and instructors.

100% of every single donation and purchase of our Builders Brewery products, goes immediately back into paying the sim tiers required to provide these services and helps us continue our mission of bringing free "quality" education to everyone, without bombarding them with commercialism or ads. We want everyone to come here to relax and learn, with no distractions.

Our primary goal is teaching and encouraging intelligent builds and innovations to improve the visual and structural integrity of Second Life, while improving the lives and enjoyment of everyone who resides there.

We hope you think of us when ever you have a building need or a yearn to learn.




Creator's Village at Builder's Brewery is Now Open! (April 2, 2012)

A content creator's virtual candy jar, all wrapped up into a cute little village behind the Builders Brewery building on our sandbox, classes and events region! Filled with some of SL's best merchants catering to builders and creators alike. From Scripts and Animations, to Textures and Sculpts. It's all here! All while helping to support the Builders Brewery mission.

Read more about it here!


Builder's Brewery Mass Ejection (November, 2011)
On October 19, 2011, there was a mass ejection of nearly all of our Builder's Brewery members. We went from 16,800+ members (the largest building help group in SL) down to 400, in the blink of an eye. It was a horrible and tragic loss.


We're not exactly sure what caused it. It seemed to have started during Linden Lab's critical server software upgrade that day, along with rolling restarts that came with no warning countdown even. There was tremendous issues across the grid, including inability to log in, no teleporting, groups and friends not loading, overwhelming lag even in an empty full sim (causing us to cancel at least two classes that day). Our two sims were greatly affected during this time, which apparently and sadly, may have caused our group bot to get stuck in constant eject mode.

We may never know the exact cause, but it was just a bad combination that created the "perfect storm" where everything all comes together at the wrong time. It's just part of the exciting ups and downs that occur in such a complicated new technology in SL for all of us, but we learn from times likes this, becoming better as we grow with it. Steps have been taken to prevent this tragedy from ever happening again if the servers ever go crazy again on us.


Due to some questionable behavior by others in SL in the past, as you may have heard "Bots" got a bad reputation. Those behaviors are no longer allowed in SL, and all the current bots being used are commonly used for group invites and other legitimate business needs such as sending group invites, information, moderating, etc. They are allowed by Linden Labs for this responsible use. A bot is an avatar (approved by Linden Lab). In our case, our "BuildersBrewery Engineer" bot logs in without any of the heavy viewer or scripted needs, it's sole purpose is to take care of group invitations and allows us to access our group moderation tools.

Not long ago, we were forced to begin using a bot for our group moderating. Due to the size and activity of our large group and LL's servers inability to handle a group of this magnitude, we were no longer able pull up the member list in order to apply roles, eject people, view members, moderate, etc.

The Builder's Brewery group was not only the largest help group, but probably the most active group in Second Life -- so that didn't help matters any. There is nothing more frustrating, than having a griefer in your "PG" group, and you're unable to eject them... Or the need to add a new staff member, but unable to give them a role. We have filed tickets and voted on the SL Jiras regarding this issue, but nothing to date has been remedied, thus the use of a bot has been our only choice.

The group membership helps sustain our very active school via support from attendance, donations to the Brewery, purchases, etc. 100% of this goes directly toward paying tier for the two sims required to host well over 50+ free classes per week, a sandbox, and terraform practice area.

We want to thank EVERYONE for your incredible outpouring of support and love we have received during this time. We hope to recover from this loss swiftly with your patience and help to spread the word.

Warmest Regards,
"Sup & Sen" Maximus
Co-Owners, Builders Brewery