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We are a not-for-profit, all volunteer school with a funny name, but on a serious mission. Bringing quality, free education to students within virtual environments.

We bring people together from all over world, to learn from and help one another grow through education, sharing and support. We do this within a fun, creative, virtual platform and community. Lives are are not just changed here, they are elevated.

Established in early 2008, the Builders Brewery is proudly recognized as one of the busiest and most loved premier schools for content creators in a Virtual World.  The Builders Brewery hosts more free classes than anywhere else on the grid. From scripting, building, animation and photograpy, to mesh, business marketing and texturing in 3D, the topics are endless. Each taught by some of the most respected and celebrated professionals in Virtual Worlds, many are real life professionals in the field, as well as trained, accredited teachers, both active and retired.

In addition to our very active school and many popular events, we run one of the largest, most active and loved content creator's help groups, the "Builders Brewery" group. This fun, informative group, is where this creative community truly begins to thrive.

Our primary goal is teaching and encouraging intelligent builds and innovations to improve the visual and structural integrity of Second Life and other virtual environments, while improving the lives and enjoyment of every student. One of the many benefits of teaching within a virtual school, is also helping those with disabilities, who may not have the luxury of leaving home to learn within a real life environment, so learning within a beautiful, friendly, virtual environment provides for so many wonderful opportunities for everyone from all walks of life.